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palpap's chairman with Dr.A.B.J.Abdul Kalam
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
former President of India

    In a recent interaction with him, he said that, Palpap's aim should be to develop a system that would bring out the best performance in each student. Palpap has been doing extensive research for the past six years in the educational segment, he has had a detailed discussion with the Chairman and CEO . Senthil Kumar on this regard, also seen a demonstration of the product. After going through the modules and various reports, he appreciated the efforts of Palpap. He also added that the Software - InsPro Plus will be useful in getting complete status of the institution and the staff would perform their activities in a more easier and efficient manner. He narrated his experience; Recently during his visit to Assam, he was scheduled for a program in one of the local schools, his arrival being delayed for a long period of time made the student and staff engage in little entertaining activities like singing, dancing etc.

    It was late evening when he arrived only to find a power cut, he was not recognized in the darkness and therefore he continued to watch the students and teachers engaged in their respective activities. It was one group that fascinated him the most, the students and the teacher were out in the open looking up at the starry night sky, the teacher was explaining to the students about the heavenly bodies. He was really taken up with the teacher for making use of that instant of the power cut and speaking to the students about the stars and their formations etc... Likewise he implored Palpap, that its software should bring out the best performance in the students and stressed the need to bring out the best in teachers.

    Being totally inspired by this situation, The CEO and Chairman Of Palpap, Senthil Kumar, decided to bring out the best media and developed InsPro Plus - software for bringing out the best in the staff and students.