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InsPro Plus is a one-stop source for complete management of colleges, schools or university. The software package is bundled with powerful features comprising of numerous benefits and is carefully developed after a extensive research and analysis on the requirements of institutions. By acting as a single source software solution, InsPro Plus, an acronym of Institution Productivity Plus serves as a perfect solution in improving institution productivity by eliminating institutions to use a number of software for a single purpose.

It facilitates institutions to modern management rather than the traditional way of using paper documents. An exotic feature about InsPro Plus is its ability to bring the entire control of institutions to the desktop of the Vice Chancellor/ Chairman/ Principal/other managerial heads thereby assisting the management to take decisions faster than ever before.

Its characteristic of producing results graphically let the users acquire a clear picture on the status of information such as students, staff, finance, library etc., Each unit of the package is carefully designed to suit the requirements of institutions. Integrating these powerful units has paved way to the development of this enormous package. A remarkable feature of this package is that the modules interact with each other for information.