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" The years teach much which the days never knew "
" There is nothing so easy to learn as experience and nothing so hard to apply "
PISIL has an excellent management team. Their many years of experience has rightly equipped them to manage the operations both nationally and globally.
Being Supportive and committed to PISIL they engage themselves in activities that enhance the company's performance and in taking it to new heights.
The Chairman & CEO is assisted by two groups of advisors who form PISIL'S decision makers.

1. Executive Team

Vice-President (Admin & Operations).

2. Advisory Team

This team compreses of esteemed individuals, who are also the company's well-wishers actively engaged in planning and consultations. Profile of Advising Board
Mr. Kandasamy.C.A,Auditor & Author, 22 Years exp in India and Abroad.
Dr. Sethupathy Ramalingam.MSc, PhD, 27 Years exp in India and Abroad.
Dr. Ramachandran.M.E, Ph.d, Professor of Anna University,16 Years exp in India and Abroad.
Dr. Duraisamy.M.E, PhD, 25 Years exp in India and Abroad.